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This Cane Corso story started on the Oregon Coast in the U.S. 5 years before settling in Costa Rica.

The Master Dread Bizorr, a Cane Corso was the most memorable dog I've ever had the privilege to care for and call my own. His eyes were fixed continually on me, never allowing any blocking of his line of sight to me. That is a classic Cane Corso trait that I learned after raising 9 of his beautiful puppies in Costa Rica. Those were believed to be the first pure Cane Corso pups to be born in Costa Rica. Chickey-Monkey, was his mail order bride and mother of his children. A stunning blue champion show Cane Corso imported from New York.

Separation anxiety took on a new meaning when Dread Bizorr came into my life in 2002.  He slept with me on my king size bed.  We were inseparable.  Went EVERYWHERE I went, Including my work.  Or should I say, HIS work. We formed a Limousine service and named it Bodacious Black Dog Limousine and Taxi. He was the mascot and assistant chauffeur.  His dashing attire glistened on his slick glossy pure black body with diamond studded collar and cuffs. He always started out in the front passenger seat, but most times ended up in the back of the limousine with his clients who loved being associated with his classy look and curios personality, adoring him for his loving, yet bold, protective nature.

After a few months, Dread was ready to step into a new limelight where he took on an additional career. He started his own column in a local paper. The “Master Dread Bizorr”, the Coastal Gourmet Food Critic, dining LIMO side. His job was to dine limo side at the best coastal restaurants in Oregon and then critique the experience in his local food critics column. His exquisitely laid out table was always set up at the entrance of a fine dining establishment, at the end of a rolled out red carpet from the back limo door. A daily paper opened to his column, a rose bud in vase with crystal dishes on a black table cloth lent even more class to the scene of a top dog dining limo-side. After delicately devouring the restaurants most choice meal on the menu, (served on silver platter by waiter(, Dread Bizorr would critique the restaurant and its cuisine he was served in his next publication of his cuisine critique column in Tillamook, Or.

He had a great sense of humor that attracted many readers as ongoing fans.

Bookmark this page and check back in the future for his actual articles from his column as a critic along with photos of Dread in his Limousine flaunting fine dining critiquing days, where he eventually becomes the first karaoke dog star, touring in his limousine once again on a new mission of discovery in the human world.

More later on Dread Bizorr the Cane Corso who was King of Costa Rica while he reigned.

FASCINATING  Cane Corso STORY ABOUT CHICKEY MONKEY; The Abused CANE CORSO whom God saved and is alive and well and living in Costa Rica.

Cane Corsos tend to occasionally get lumped into the bad attitude type Pitbull image. Don't sell the Cane Corso short. If you are considering aquiring a Cane Corso, NO FEAR.
Let me tell you an outstanding story about a year old beautiful $2500 Cane Corso blue female in New York that was abused for about a year before getting sold and exported to an unsuspecting new family (us( in Costa Rica, for big money.

Her name is Chickey Monkey, an exceptional blue beauty with a Phoenix lineage. Her owner was a greedy Cane Corso Breeder named Ellen looking to dump an ill Kane Korso. with a major junk yard dog attitude to boot, on some unsuspecting fools.

Picking her up at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica was a shocker. To see her superb beauty was the first surprise. Secondly, was her distressful mentality and anger toward the world. She would be considered dangerous by all means.  Her vet was obviously just as greedy and gave her a false health report for the flight on top of it all. As we traveled the 3 hours back to Playa Carrillo on the Nicoya Peninsula, I first opened her dog kennel door and waited for her to exit completely on her own accord. After about 15 minutes she sheepishly creeped out to explore the back of our SUV. I spoke to her non continually in a soothing non confronting voice. I kept my arm draped limp behind my seat where she could approach my hand resting on the floor. She came and smelled, left, came back and left again nervously pacing. This went on for hours. Because she was so aggressive at the airport, it was too dangerous to try and put a collared leash on her to relieve her after her flight.  We decided to stop and see what her attitude would be toward us. Stopping for dinner in an outdoor soda, I first opened the back door a crack, not sure what to expect from this scared and angry Cane Corso. She lunged to the crack of the door jumping with excited glee and submission, I knew she was signaling complete respect and trust toward me so I opened the door enough to get the collar and leash on her. We walked up the dirt road we were parked on. After immediately relieving herself, she flipped around in complete joy and seemed to know she had been rescued and was worlds apart from her abusive past owners.  After getting home with Chickey Monkey, she showed an embedded fear of strangers and men in particular. It took some time for her to stop her aggressive behavior toward my husband every time he came out of the house when Chickey and I were in the yard, though he was very affectionate toward her. She struggled with past memories of her old owner coming out the door to beat her. Probably for barking, as she would do so often at any little disturbance. The sound of the door closing would trigger her fear of punishment as that was always the first click moment in her brain that followed with cruel punishment through her formative first year. Dogs can't talk, but they can sure tell a story with their actions and habits.
Chickey Monkey did soon come to also trust him explicitly and was one of the best Cane Corsos a family could ever dream of. Even in a risking environment, she and Dread and the pups kept us with the impression of guardian angels that all respected and admired.

Our Costa Rica home was intended to be permanent, but circumstances out of our control cropped up. My husband discovered a cancer in his groin growing rapidly. Being a Vietnam Veteran, we were forced to return to the U.S. where he could get a second opinion and treatment. After putting our horseback jungle beach tours business and our cars up for sale, I received a phone call from a man demanding, in broken English, to speak to my husband about making a deal with him to not kill me if he paid him a large sum of cash. IN need to make an almost overnight move, we sold the business immediately and made the final arrangements to get back to the U.S. With much stress and sadness, we attempted to find a home our gorgeous Cane Corsos to. We still had a few puppies left at home too. Chickey Monkey's aggressive behavior made it seem impossible to find her a home that could adjust her to themselves as patiently as we did, without picturing her getting abused.

After introducing her to a few prospective adoptive parents, it became apparent that the most humane thing to do was to have her put down rather than have her abused the rest of her life. She attacked one of these prospective new owners who was a dog trainer and believed he could keep her from attacking him while she ran free in the yard with him. Though I did not believe he could accomplish this, he insisted and I foolishly allowed it, until she immediately leaped off the porch latching onto the man's groin while still in mid air flight.

The following morning I received a call from a pastor and his wife who had seen Chickey Monkey while visiting our home on a number of occasions. They had purchased one of Dread Bizorr and Chickey Monkey's Cane Corso puppies, Belair, from us. The pastor's first question was; What are you going to do with Chickey Monkey? They had 2 young girls, 3 and 5 years old and the idea seemed unlikely a good one, but at the same time I felt this was a God given opportunity to allow Chickey Monkey to live and have no chance of being abused. The family had witnessed her over protective junk yard dog behavior, but willing to work patiently with her and agreed to ship her to us later if they could not get her adjusted to every member in the family. The safety of their young girls were all of our main concern. I told them if they would do exactly as I did coming from the airport, while traveling to their home with her, that they would be able to capture her heart and tame her. Within a few hours she trusted me as if I had raised her from a puppy. I believed they could achieve the same thing. I recommended the young girls spoke to her mostly on the ride to their house where she would remain in her dog kennel for the entire trip. When they reached home, they had their nanny watch the children in the house while the pastor and his wife sat on the porch with their new Cane Corso in her kennel with the door on it opened. They sat and talked for hours, then she decided to come out of the kennel, urinated and went straight back in after a quick smell of her new parents on her way back in. Their yard was fenced, so they left her for the night on her own with the door open. The next morning they sat again with the same scenario, letting her come out on her own accord. After a number exits and quick returns with her usual quick smell of them, evening fell and finally she came straight out to them and smelled the Mrs, turned and rushed the pastor with that same joy and submission she had shown me. He took her immediately walking around the yard and from that moment on, Chickey Monkey showed complete trust in her new owners.

Because their pool had a separate fenced yard, they were able to keep her in the pool area every day as the girls played along her fence line. After a short period, she seemed to accept the girls in the same joyful fashion, so they were introduced.
Never once did Chickey Monkey show annoyance or fear of the girls. But many times over is proving that even an abused Cane Corso has the ability to be tamed for the whole family when handled with patience and true love.

The only problem they ever had was the fact that they could not allow Chickey Monkey in the pool yard while the girls were swimming; because she jumps in every time frantically trying to save the girls as they swim. We are to this day, 3 years later, so grateful to God, and that kind, loving spirited pastor and family. She now protects the family with the same ferociousness that she guarded us with, yet maintains a character more gentle than a kitten toward the two young girls. I believe this character to be embedded in the Cane Corso dog, more so than any other dog breed.
I believe also that the true loving Spirit in that Pastor and his family are embedded in all those people that seek to Love the Lord. The ones who spend most of their time dwelling on God's desires for us like:
Us choosing in every relationship; Humility, love, faith, understanding, compassion, gentleness, wisdom, and all those things that align us with God and also prevents our characters from walking out to the outside of God's Kingdom where cruelty against each other and animals

THANK YOU LORD for saving Chickey Monkey! AND THANK YOU PASTOR AND FAMILY for listening to God's voice and showering true Love on a TEMPORARILY unfortunate Cane Corso that now is maybe the most fortunate Cane Corso in Costa Rica.